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Country Profile - Afghanistan



Afghanistan is a landlocked country in the heart of Asia, bordered by Pakistan to the south and east, Iran to the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to the north. There is a short border with China to the far northeast, but in extremely inaccessible terrain.


General Information:

Capital: Kabul

Language: Afghan Persian or Dari 80%, Pashto  47%, Uzbek 11%, English 5%, Turkmen 2%, Urdu 2%, Pashayi 1%, Nuristani 1%, Arabic 1%

Percentages total more than 100% as many respondents speak multiple languages. 

Religion: Sunni Muslim ca. 80%, Shi’a Muslim 19%, other 1%

Currency: Afghani (AFN)

Cryptocurrency: At the annual Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund in Washington, Khalil Sediq, governor at the Central Bank of Afghanistan, told The Asia Times that Afghanistan might issue a sovereign crypto bond that uses blockchain technology. The goal is to raise $5.8 billion to support the country’s critical mining, energy and agriculture sectors.

GMT: (+) 4.5

Landlocked and mountainous, Afghanistan has suffered from such chronic instability and conflict during its modern history that its economy and infrastructure are in ruins, and many of its people are refugees. The Taliban, who imposed strict Islamic rule following a devastating civil war, were ousted by a US-led invasion in 2001 but have recently been making a comeback.

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