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cyber and digital law

Proelium Law LLP | Legal and technical advice in the cybersphere

Proelium Law LLP combines its legal and investigative experience to provide clients with an extensive suite of capability in the world of cyber and digital law. 

Cyber and digital law 

Proelium Law offers legal and technical advice and comprehensive solutions in a range of cyber law areas. The new world of cyber covers a myriad of disciplines. For Proelium Law, we are particularly active in innovative areas such as cryptocurrency and fintech, advising on the security around data protection, as well as advising clients on how to legally obtain, store, analyse and share that data with both their government and commercial clients.

what we do

Our clients include specialist internet and data-rich companies, compiling data and sharing it across a broad range of sectors.

We provide comprehensive solutions, advice on compliance and regulatory expertise in the legal aspects of  operational and security matters relating to the use of data and data technology including:

  • Data collections and data sets;
  • Public records;
  • Data derived from Social media;
  • Open-source data;
  • Deep and dark web data;
  • Use of software for data gathering;
  • Big data; and more.

We advise on:

  • Cross-border data flow requirements, including Privacy Shield, EU Binding Corporate Rules and other solutions
  • Cyber risk management
  • Compliance with data protection authorities and sector specific regulators
  • Protecting competitive advantage.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain are proving to be increasingly popular within the fintech world. This ‘currency of the future’, and the technology that it is created on, is a new and unexplored area of technology that is sparsely regulated and investigated from a legal point of view. We have been  looking at this developing area ever since its emergence, and provide legal and technical advice within this sector.
    For more information on cryptocurrency – take a look at Cryptocurrency and Crypto Assets – Advice and Investigations.

Regulation trackers

In an era where data is being created, gathered, stored and shared across borders exponentially, the need for protection of that data as well as understanding how to share that data is important. Therefore we have created a global Data Protection Regulation Tracker for you to use here

Similarly, we have created a global Cryptocurrency Regulation Tracker with the latest status and legislation updates relating to cryptocurrency here.


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