David Frend

Barrister & Partner | Proelium Law LLP


David Frend was called to the Bar in 1994 and practiced predominately as a criminal defence advocate before commissioning into the Army Legal Services in 1997. During his military career he undertook a multitude of roles within the three core Army Legal Services’ areas of work: prosecution advocacy before the Court Martial and the Court Martial Appeal Court; legal advice to the chain of command on internal discipline, administrative and employment matters and legal advice on the lawfulness and conduct of military operations. He was also the first permanent military legal advisor to the United Kingdom Special Forces.

Following 18 years’ military service, David took up a position of Specialist Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service, Proceeds of Crime, before returning to the independent Bar in March 2016 as a self-employed barrister. From 2016, David acted as a consultant with Proelium Law and undertook several positions including short term expert to the European Rule of Law Project in Montenegro providing advice and guidance in respect to prosecuting offences of bribery, corruption and money laundering. In February 2017 he was appointed as the international prosecutorial mentor and advisor to the newly formed Afghan Anti-Corruption Justice Centre; a role he he still performs through funding from the UK, EU and Denmark.

David became a Partner in July 2018 and has been involved in all of the main cases dealt with. David is security cleared to a high government standard. 

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