Glynne Evans

Business Consultant | Proelium Law LLP


As a career diplomat, Glynne Evans specialised in multilateral areas particularly the European Union and United Nations, serving both at the UK Mission to the UN in New York and in Brussels.

She was responsible for devising international exercises in conflict management , civil -military relations and peacekeeping which she ran  with Staff colleges in the UK, South America and Africa and she was a regular lecturer  at the UK Defence Academy and overseas. She was Ambassador to Chile and to Portugal, two highly commercial posts where she worked with companies on market entry and development.  After retirement, she has been a Senior Adviser to a well-known risk management company, working with Governments to help develop international standards for the sector,  and played a leading role as an Executive Committee member of the SCEG, founding and chairing the SCEG Standards and Accreditation Group to help companies in the risk management sector achieve and demonstrate their compliance with international and national norms and obligations. She has also worked with companies in the digital and cyber area.

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