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Proelium Law LLP | The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

Proelium Law LLP was originally founded in 2015 and we offer internationally focused legal support centred on high-risk and complex jurisdictions. 

Practice Areas – What We Do

Set up as an ‘Alternative Business Structure’ (ABS), Proelium Law LLP is a law firm with a difference. In broad terms, we provide legal advice to clients in the following areas of law:

  • Public and private international law
  • Domestic and international commercial and corporate law
  • Criminal, regulatory and civil law
  • Litigation

We provide this legal capability for clients whether they are based in the UK or other countries and/or operate or are solely based in high risk jurisdictions or complex environments. As an ABS we can offer complementary, non-legal services also. Consequently Proelium Law LLP can provide highly specialist and niche risk-related skill sets in addition to our legal services.

The legal and business advice we provide is grouped by:

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Areas of work

  • Advising companies (e.g. private security, defence, international development, insurers, tech companies) on the legal complexities of working in high risk and complex environments
  • Assisting with Initial Public Offerings (IPO) for exploration companies onto stock exchanges
  • Litigation advice and support for companies engaged in disputes in high risk and complex environments
  • General business and due diligence advice and services including specialist investigative services in difficult environments
  • Criminal law advice and representation to individuals and companies operating in hostile environments
  • Setting up or restructuring companies and providing joint venture agreements within the security, defence and international development industries
  • Employee and consultant contracts for those working in complex environments
  • Ensuring Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing and Anti Bribery compliance for companies intending to do business in high risk areas
  • Legal aspects of both land based and maritime security
  • Legal advice on firearms import, export and licensing

Examples of our work

  • Secured a world-wide asset freezing order on behalf of a client engaged in protracted litigation in UK and Afghanistan
  • Delivered mentoring and training to legal advisors of a foreign intelligence agency
  • Provided the legal due diligence for a client performing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of their company which owns exploration rights in Bosnia
  • Represented serving soldiers at courts martial
  • Established ground truth and advised clients on a suspected €220 Million fraud
  • Provided guidance to a multi-national heavy plant manufacturer on foreign currency transactions
  • Provided litigation support and specialised investigative services to Lloyds of London political risk and political violence syndicates resulting in significant savings
  • Supported NGO’s in registration and interaction with key government personnel in Iraq
  • Provided advice on a property matter stemming from the period of the former regime in Iraq where clarity was needed on the law and options available
  • Provided legal representation for a serving soldiers at courts martial
  • Completed multi-jurisdictional complex pre litigation fraud (stressed debt) investigation
  • Asset recovery and transfer of title in non-permissive environments
  • Conducted a complex pre litigation enquiry in Syria following a K&R insurance claim

Performance – How We Do It

Across our practice areas we seek to add value for our clients. In particular, Proelium Law LLP prides itself on:

  • Delivering high quality advice
  • Providing specific local knowledge
  • Availability, accessibility and responsiveness of our staff
  • Meeting deadlines and keeping commitments
  • Understanding your objectives
  • Accompanying advice with alternative options
  • Up-front discussions on fees and timescales, with a focus on value for money
  • Care and attention given to your work

Experience of high risk and complex jurisdictions worldwide, including:

United Kingdom










South Sudan






South Africa




Practice Areas - further information

General UK Focus

Whilst we have a clear international focus for our clients, our UK-facing work is equally important. Across security, defence, international development and insurance sectors, the UK remains a major supplier of goods and services.



High Risk Jurisdictions

We view our overseas markets as being either High-Risk Jurisdictions, or Complex Environments.  We classify high-risk jurisdictions as those that have ongoing conflict (which could be full scale internal or external armed conflict), a significant insurgency or terrorist campaign, or countries around which piracy is prevalent.


Complex Environments

We view our overseas markets as being either High-Risk Jurisdictions, or Complex Environments.  We classify complex environments as those possessing characteristics such as:

  • Medium to high levels of political violence or a significant risk of it occurring
  • Financial complexity such as being listed as one of the top corrupt counties on the Transparency International website
  • Recent history of human rights abuses
  • There are post conflict reconstruction efforts in place in order to stabilise the country
  • Significant cultural complexities that make business difficult


Non-Legal Advisory Services

We provide commercial services which are complementary to our legal practice, and that come from many decades of sensitive, specialist experience in international investigations and discreet governmental work.


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Proelium Law LLP

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