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Examples of our work

Proelium Law LLP | The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

  • Secured an ex-parte world-wide asset freezing order in the UK high court on behalf of a client engaged in protracted cross border litigation in UK and Afghanistan

  • Investigated and subsequently advised on a duty of care (negligence) issue to a major Private Security Company (PSC) in Afghanistan following death of contractors

  • Delivered mentoring and training to legal advisors of a foreign intelligence agency

  • Transformed a large Private Security Company from a number of separate companies into a Group structure
  • Provided legal advice and extensive background due diligence to a mining company with operations in Bosnia prior to their initial public offering (listing) on the Australian  Stock Exchange (ASX)

  • Represented serving soldiers at courts martial

  • Established ground truth and advised clients on a suspected €220 Million fraud

  • Provided guidance to a multi-national heavy plant manufacturer on foreign currency transactions

  • Provided litigation support and specialised investigative services to Lloyds of London political risk and political violence syndicates resulting in significant savings

  • Supported NGO’s in registration and interaction with key government personnel in Iraq

  • Established location and historical ownership of property based assets stemming from the period of the former regime in Iraq where clarity was needed on the law and options available

  • Completed multi-jurisdictional complex pre litigation fraud (stressed debt) investigation

  • Located, secured and subsequently sold oil and gas equipment for London based insurance syndicate following a claim post invasion of ISIS in Northern Iraq

  • Conducted a complex pre-litigation enquiry in Syria following a K&R insurance claim

  • Represented a client accused of insurance fraud whilst working in a high risk environment and successfully removed the claim following explanation of the uniqueness of the clients role and its requirements

  • Made application for a Norwich Pharmacal Orders to the High Court and subsequently obtained evidence of fraudulent transactions from a crypto currency exchange on behalf of a client who had been defrauded

  • Provided project management support to an insuretech provider

  • Advised clients on requirements of Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Act 2018

Experience of high risk and complex jurisdictions worldwide, including:

United Kingdom










South Sudan






South Africa




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