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The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

About Us

Internationally focused legal advice and consultancy services

Proelium Law LLP was originally founded in 2015. Although UK-based we are very much both UK and internationally focused. Broadly, we provide legal advice and assistance and consultancy services across the world to companies, organisations, governments and individuals in the security, defence, international development, extractives, cyber, legal & insurance and manufacturing industries.

Whether you are in a profession considered high risk or running a business located in complex environments, we draw on our own professional experiences of having worked in the UK and some of the most recent conflict zones, post-conflict reconstruction areas and emerging markets of the Middle East, Southern Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. 

We don’t just sit in our offices claiming experiences of these locations, our Partners and Consultants regularly travel to them as well.

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A truly bespoke law firm

If you are looking for that specialist, bespoke law firm, or want or need to do business in a challenging or conflict-affected environment, or you are setting up in one of the industries we specialise in, talk to us first. 

As experts with first-hand local knowledge we will help you to set up, connect, build, grow and conduct your business UK or abroad safely, both within the confines of local laws and understanding the reach of international laws.

We specialise in working in...

We provide traditional legal services in our areas of specialism, alongside other supportive offerings such as technical advice, consultancy services and specialist investigations.

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The Core Team

Adrian Powell - Solicitor and Managing Partner at Proelium Law

Adrian Powell

Solicitor & Managing Partner
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Jasmin Bonello

Solicitor & Partner
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David Frend

Barrister & Partner
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Peter Guo

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Sukvir Jandu

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Sinead Keenan

Employment Solicitor
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Banu Pathmanathan

Trainee Solicitor
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Advisors & Consultants

Sylvia White

Legal Consultant
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Francis Ryan

Legal Consultant
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Martin Cartwright

Lead Investigator
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Martin Tobin

Business Consultant
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Glynne Evans

Business Consultant
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Alan Taylor

Consultant Solicitor
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Israa Al Musawi

Iraqi Lawyer and legal consultant.
Member of Iraqi Bar Association
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Ahmed Adil Al Bayati

Iraqi Business Advisor
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