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Internationally focused legal advice and support centred on high-risk and complex jurisdictions.  Proelium’s central values are Integrity and Empathy with clients.  


War Zones, complex environments, high-risk jurisdictions – these are all problematic spaces in which to work or conduct business, no matter the sector.  Acting as a business, or as an individual, problems can be myriad and are frequently unforeseen until it is too late, the deal has fallen through, the money has been lost or situations have manifest that are tough to negotiate away from.

Our solution to these very real commercial problems is to create a scarce blend, combining the Partners’ 5 decades of experience gained whilst working in conflict zones and deep in the heart of the specialist defence and security worlds, with professional legal-expertise to bring to you a totally unique law firm, Proelium Law LLP. 

The markets we particularly offer our services to are the defence, security and international development sectors and the political-risk area of the insurance market.  We offer personal legal advice to individuals with ‘niche’ skills from the Intelligence and Special Forces areas.

There is limited competition in this area. Currently the only law firms offering advice to people wanting to function in the high-risk space tend to be large and expensive law firms who lack subject expertise. Proelium Law LLP is small, lean and our experience and qualifications make us uniquely well equipped to understand those issues.

Our team may be small but is vastly experienced. The Partners are an internationally recognised legal expert in the fields of high-risk jurisdictions and a proven defence and security authority, coming from a long career at the front edge of UK conventional and special operations.  The firm can boast over 130 years of ground experience in complex environments and are confident when they state that there is no other legal organisations in the UK today with comparable experience or qualifications.

Our future sees more growth and an expansion into Dubai. It also sees a period of programmed consolidation, to ensure that our client focus is not compromised.

Reports are researched and compiled using a combination of legal insight with international intelligence- gathering expertise and geo-political understanding

Proelium Law LLP is a small and lean operation, allowing overheads to be kept to a minimum with the resultant savings being passed on to clients

The core of our team are acknowledged world leaders in their respective areas of law and discreet international investigations; a small and lean operation, allowing overheads to be kept to a minimum with the resultant savings being passed on to clients

As a law firm we stand by our findings – we don’t hide behind disclaimers on the quality of our work

Client/solicitor legal privilege can be invoked where appropriate, providing protection to communications if applicable

Proelium Law LLP has an expansive global network of associates drawn from the specialist agencies, the legal profession, special operations forces and law-enforcement professionals of the UK and other countries

For any legal matter, Proelium Law LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’)

Our activities are wholly governed by applicable laws and are of a high ethical standard

Routine communications between Proelium Law LLP and its clients are swift, reliable and secure

Our cyber expert has spent 14 years working within UK military intelligence and specialist Government agencies

Proelium Law LLP uses experienced image analysts to interpret satellite imagery, who are all graduates of the NATO-approved UK Imagery Analysis Course (UKIAC);

Based in the City, Proelium Law LLP is accessible for face-to-face meetings with clients based in London.  Equally our staff will travel to you anywhere as convenient

Reporting is in clear, jargon-free English and is of a legal standard suitable for subsequent litigation support

Payment terms can be negotiated on a case by case basis

Payment can be made in $USD, €Euro or £GBP

Services are provided with the Proelium Law LLP Guarantee

Because we value our clients so highly, a partner of Proelium Law LLP is available 24/7

Proelium Law LLP prefers to keep costs transparent, always favouring a flat-fee approach in contrast to the billable-hours policy favoured by other law firms

The Partners and lawyers of Proelium Law regularly visit and work in high risk and complex environments

Contact us to learn more about Proelium Law’s services 

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Brazil’s wide-ranging corruption investigation “Lavo Jato” (Car Wash) announced the names of politicians it would be targeting over the bribery scandal that has gripped the country since it was first initiated in 2014.

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“I was in the desert on Thursday and was back to work on Sunday,” said a Reservist, speaking about his return from Iraq. After active service, many Reservists then return to their civilian jobs within days.

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The Plight of the Rohingya

On March 16th, the European Union called upon the United Nations to urgently investigate claims of torture, rape and extra-judicial killings alleged to have been carried out by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya Muslim minority in that country. 

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his ratings sinking over a suspected cronyism scandal, said on Monday he had never instructed that preferential treatment be given to a long-time friend and that his friend had never lobbied for favours.\n \n
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