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The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

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Legal Services & Areas of Specialism

Proelium Law LLP is an Alternative Business Structure (or ABS). This means we provide traditional legal services in our areas of specialism alongside other supportive offerings.

Defence & Security

As a specialised law firm, we draw upon our own experiences of not only working in the UK, but also our time spent in all the world’s hot spots over the past 30 years.

Cyber & Digital Law

Proelium Law offers legal and technical advice in innovative areas such as fintech, cryptocurrency, data protection, as well as advising clients on how to legally obtain, store, analyse and share data with both government entities and commercial clients.

Technology & Gaming

Proelium Law offers legal and business advice in relation to video games, esports and gambling & betting. We support game developers, esports organisations, tournament organisers as well as individuals in areas such as data protection, employment, cryptocurrency and more.

Legal Advice & Assistance

As the UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services, our clients increasingly come to us for support that goes beyond traditional legal advice and in to specialist consultancy.

Specialist Investigations

Whether establishing ground truth around the seizure of assets in war-torn countries or unravelling the complexities of money laundering, consider us as your first call for the investigation into specialist cases.

High-Risk Jurisdictions & Environments

We provide our services in not just the UK, but also many conflict affected locations overseas. We qualify our description of them by listing them as high risk or complex environments.

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