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We often hear that people do not like the way that law firms charge their clients. We also know that law firms can sometimes take a lot while giving the bare minimum back.

In this, as well as other areas, Proelium Law LLP chooses to be different. We take a non-traditional approach to costs and pricing and this page gives more information on how we view the subject.

Value vs Price

Our pricing policy concerns more than just the cash-value of the service.  Proelium Law LLP goes to great lengths to give value and additional benefits as part of its offering.

How does Proelium Law LLP Add Value?

  • Reports are researched and compiled using a combination of legal insight with international intelligence gathering expertise and geo-political understanding;
  • Proelium Law LLP is a small and lean operation, allowing overheads to be kept to a minimum with the resultant savings being passed on to clients;
  • The core of our team are acknowledged world leaders in their respective areas of law and discreet international investigations;
  • As a law firm we stand by our findings – we don’t hide behind disclaimers on the quality of our work;
  • Client/solicitor legal privilege can be invoked where appropriate, providing protection to communications where appropriate;
  • Proelium Law LLP has an expansive global network of associates drawn from the specialist agencies, the legal profession, special operations forces and law-enforcement professionals of the UK and other countries;  
  • For any legal matter, Proelium Law LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’);
  • Our activities are wholly governed by applicable laws and are of a high ethical standard;
  • Routine communications between Proelium Law LLP and its clients are swift, reliable and secure;
  • Our cyber expert has spent 14 years working within UK military intelligence and specialist government agencies;
  • Proelium Law LLP uses experienced image analysts to interpret satellite imagery, who are all graduates of the NATO-approved UK Imagery Analysis Course (UKIAC);
  • Based in the City, Proelium Law LLP is accessible for face-to-face meetings with clients based in London.  Equally our staff will travel to you anywhere as convenient;
  • Reporting is in clear, jargon-free English and is of a legal standard suitable for subsequent litigation support;
  • Payment terms can be negotiated on a case by case basis;  
  • Payment can be made in $USD, €Euro or £GBP;
  • Services are provided with the Proelium Law LLP Guarantee;
  • Because we value our clients so highly, a partner of Proelium Law LLP is available 24/7;
  • Proelium Law LLP prefers to keep costs transparent, always favouring a flat-fee approach in contrast to the billable-hours policy favoured by other law firms;
  • Proelium Law LLP adopts a phased approach to complex matters, ensuring that clients are in control of the cost and expectations are not abused at any stage;
  • Proelium Law LLP prioritises client relationships highly, always seeking a partnering approach to issues;
  • As a law firm we operates a tightly controlled Client Account to keep client monies safe.



Although we can’t guarantee the outcome of a legal case or an investigation, we do guarantee the quality of our work. Indeed we are confident enough to say that if we are not satisfied that we have achieved your expected outcomes, we will not charge.

Further guarantees to clients of PL are implicit in our regulation by the Law Society via the SRA and by the partners’ professional status (qualified solicitors and barristers).

Complaints Procedure

Proelium Law LLP takes complaints extremely seriously and will expend significant energies on investigating and resolving them.  Our complaints procedure can be found here and is also linked at the bottom of each page of the website.

Client Account

Any monies taken on account are deposited into Proelium Law’s client account.  Monies are only transferred to our business account after invoicing to the client, ensuring that up-front deposits cannot be abused and that full transparency is displayed in line with the requirements of the SRA.


Aimed principally at SMEs, Proelium Law LLP offers arrangements that make payment for its services as affordable as possible.  This can mean payment being made over a period of months or payment being deferred for a period of time. Please ask us for more details.


We prefer to cost each matter individually often providing clients with a flat-fee against which they can budget. We are mindful that research by the Legal Services Board identified that law firms who adopted a fixed-fee approach tended to offer the lowest prices on average.  

However, we do have hourly and daily rates for one-off pieces of work. Our current hourly rates for legal work are:

Partner £285 + VAT

Senior Solicitor/Barrister £200 + VAT

Solicitor £175 + VAT

Junior Solicitor / Senior Paralegal £140 + VAT

Paralegal £80 + VAT

Travel where required we charge at £40 + VAT per hour plus actual costs. 

Disbursements, which are fees we incur in the course of assisting you, are charged, usually, on the basis of what they cost us. We do not add on to the cost of a disbursement. 

Discrete projects or investigations are charged on a case-by-case basis.

Need advice?

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help 

Practice Areas - further information

General UK Focus

Whilst we have a clear international focus for our clients, our UK-facing work is equally important. Across security, defence, international development and insurance sectors, the UK remains a major supplier of goods and services.



High Risk Jurisdictions

We view our overseas markets as being either High-Risk Jurisdictions, or Complex Environments.  We classify high-risk jurisdictions as those that have ongoing conflict (which could be full scale internal or external armed conflict), a significant insurgency or terrorist campaign, or countries around which piracy is prevalent.


Complex Environments

We view our overseas markets as being either High-Risk Jurisdictions, or Complex Environments.  We classify complex environments as those possessing characteristics such as:

  • Medium to high levels of political violence or a significant risk of it occurring
  • Financial complexity such as being listed as one of the top corrupt counties on the Transparency International website
  • Recent history of human rights abuses
  • There are post conflict reconstruction efforts in place in order to stabilise the country
  • Significant cultural complexities that make business difficult


Non-Legal Advisory Services

We provide commercial services which are complementary to our legal practice, and that come from many decades of sensitive, specialist experience in international investigations and discreet governmental work.


Proelium Law LLP

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Proelium Law LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No. 629608 (

VAT Registration No. 242 4002 59.

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