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Legal Advice

Proelium Law LLP | The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

Whilst we have a clear international focus for our clients, our UK-facing work is equally important. The UK remains a major service provider to the overseas markets across security, defence, international development and insurance.




We provide legal advice in the following areas of law:

  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Public and international law
  • Criminal, regulatory and civil law
  • Export licensing
  • Litigation and litigation support
  • Employment law


To the following sectors:

  • Security
  • Defence
  • Extractives (oil, gas and mining)
  • INGO’s/NGO and commercial – international development sector
  • Political risk and political violence insurers
  • Cybersecurity and data management industries
  • Manufacturers (of defence and security-related equipment) and
  • Private individuals

As a specialised law firm, we draw on our own experiences of not only working in the UK, but also our time spent in all of the world’s hot spots over the past 30 years. Notwithstanding providing our legal services in the UK, since starting the firm, we have sent our lawyers, consultants and advisors to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Nepal and Yemen to name but a few. Plus the usual more pleasant places.


We come to you 

Unusually, we prefer to travel to you or on your behalf. Equally, you can meet us at our offices. Whether in the UK or elsewhere, we enjoy problem solving in difficult places and are comfortable in a suit and tie with or without a set of body armour. We also embrace technology and working over long distances we often use multi-media software to confidentially discuss your case. Whatever your needs are to obtain the right advice and assistance, we have a solution.


A law firm like no other

Whilst a commercial law firm specialising in high risk and complex jurisdictions is distinctive enough, we understand that the world is ever-evolving and have invested in the future.

We provide specialist and expert advice in developing matters such as cryptocurrency and big data. For more information, take a look at Cyber and Digital Law. 

Need advice?
If you’d like further information, or to discuss working with us, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page