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Back in the Office on Monday

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Proelium News

As part of a series of blogs aimed at helping military veterans, Barry Harris – Senior Advisor to Proelium Law LLP and UK Army veteran – shares some views on how the firm supports veterans and reservists through employment.
“I was in the desert on Thursday and was back to work on Sunday,” said a reservist, speaking about his return from Iraq. After active service, many reservists then return to their civilian jobs within days.

You may think that businesses do not want workers who can be called away on military service. But as well as challenges, reservists’ double lives bring many benefits to business; arguably the “discipline, organisation and commitment” of reservists outweighs any risk.

Proelium Law LLP is immensely proud of the positive impact it has on the Armed Forces community. From its ‘Trusted Expert’ days many Veterans with specialist skills can find a network and employment and that is because we are passionate about supporting veterans and reservists and are committed to making a difference.

Proelium Law LLP is experienced in military matters, having many years’ personal experience of service, and is building a reputation as a veteran and reservist friendly employer.

Military service cultivates skills from operations and training, develops and hones communications skills, builds conflict and people management and team working skills and these are all attributes that a business can benefit from every day.

We are all stronger with veterans and reservists in the team.

Determination and perseverance against adversity is a recurring theme as a vital skill, which leads people to be successful. 

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