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What else do you consider when choosing that job?

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Proelium News

Barry Harris – Senior Advisor to Proelium Law LLP and UK military veteran – adds to his series of blogs aimed at service leavers with some practical considerations when it comes to deciding what job to take.
So, you are over that awkward feeling of self-promotion, and you are marketing yourself globally on Linkedin or Xing. You have also produced a great CV, and have been sending it out far and wide. Job offers are coming in, how do you choose which one to take?

Minimise your Commute

Commuting is stressful, sedentary, and a sacrifice of time and money. Keep the stress in your life to a minimum, you have had your fill of that while serving. Remember to look after yourself and three hours a day in a car will not help. Companies do not pay for you to get to and from work. Time and team are the most powerful tools that you have, don’t waste them travelling…..

What is your Expectation and Need?

Nearly everyone leaves the armed forces expecting a six-figure package, ‘cos civvies get paid more – don’t they?’  What do you need to cover, a mortgage, family, car? Look at the jobs advertised in your area, their salaries and the packages if offered. It will come as a surprise to you, so sit down.  Really work out what you NEED, not what you want, then aim for that.

Choose where to Basha Up

Where you come from or where the job will be? In a town or city, or in the countryside?  Will you have to commute to attain the higher salary you expect and need, or can you work at home or in your home town? Typically, many jobs involve travel nowadays, nationally or globally, and of course that is at the expense of the employer.

Fire and Returning Fire

Shoot those CV’s at your target jobs, even at unsolicited target employers. Be sure to have an excellent covering letter with each CV. Be sure that you follow up after two working weeks with a polite enquiry. If you were successful, you will surely hear from them. If you were not, find out why not, what needs changing, and how to improve your aim so as to hit the target next time. Don’t be disheartened, make each shot count for something, either it gets you to interview, or provides you with feedback which you can apply to zero your sights. Most HR departments will provide you with feedback on your application and CV, although you might find that many recruiters will not. Persist but remain professional.

Good Hunting!

There is a challenge in transition from service in the Armed Forces to civilian life, particularly employment, where forces personnel may lack a comparable employment history and qualification record. Proelium Law LLP recognises the wealth of transferable skills.

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