Israa Almusawi

Lawyer & Member of Iraqi Bar Association | Proelium Law LLP


Israa is a qualified lawyer in Iraq and a member of the Iraqi Bar Association.

Israa is an experienced legal practitioner with a particular specialty in commercial cases and matters relating to foreign companies. She provides expertise and is a legal advisor to international companies operating and registered in Iraq.

Among her numerous responsibilities is advising corporates on Iraqi legal issues, contracts both commercial and employment, liaising with governmental ministries and other institution on legal matters, Israa also specialises in civil law, personal status and sharia law.

Besides her native Arabic language, Israa is also a fluent English speaker and is a member of the Iraqi Translators’ Association.

Contact Israa directly

[email protected]
+964 7827 24108544 (Iraq)
+44 (0) 20 3875 7422